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The Heart in the Womb is a book by Dr Amali Lokugamage, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at a London hospital. It looks at birth as a social phenomenon rather than a isolated and medical complication.


" ...in this little book, we have a document that could be the Childbirth Without Fear of the 21st century. I strongly suggest that you read it..." contd

Ina May Gaskin CPM
Winner of the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize) 2011


"As a consultant obstetrician who gave birth at home, Amali Lokugamage is unique. No wonder that her book is also unique and should be read by a large public."

Dr Michel Odent


"... I have enjoyed reading [your book]. In order that other midwives have access to it, I an now donating it to the RCM Library."

Prof. Cathy Warwick, CBE
Chief Executive, The Royal College of Midwives

"I really value that you have written this. I love that it is unapologetically subjective. The very act of writing in that way enacts your point, which is to value the insights which pregnancy brain affords. The argument for gentle birth and the long-term implications for not only mother and baby, but all of society, needs to be made and made again. It is also wonderful to see someone working to value all of the people involved in birth, midwives and doulas, because we achieve the best results when we all work as a team. It was interesting when you mention that someone from a developing country viewed your experience as privileged, because many women in the UK are prevented from accessing the elements which made your journey so remarkable -- the ability to concentrate on your pregnancy, access to excellent complementary therapy services, nurturing family and professional care, and the ability to be attended by midwives who are known, trusted and even chosen! But how important to point out how these simple things make such a difference. In a way the fact that it is a privileged experience helps show us where we need to be heading and how far we have to go."Shawn Walker, UK. Independent Midwife, Norwich Birth Group.

The Heart in the Womb is the first book by Amali Lokugamage, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist in London. She takes you through her pregnancy which culminates with the home birth of her son, which is a rarity for a medical doctor. The Heart in the Womb looks at the research available in the field as a whole and what option women have for a safe and natural birth. The Heart in the Womb can be ordered through Lulu.com.